Secure, Self-Sovereign Decentralized Identity is Here

The Open Rights Exchange (ORE) Network is an open-source blockchain and protocol purpose-built for decentralized identity and managing the universal rights + assets associated with that identity. ORE Token is the native cryptocurrency of the platform.

The Open Rights Exchange was conceived in 2017 by technologist Stefan Roever, a two time award holder of Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum and was founder and CEO of Brokat Technologies, an encryption and banking software company. The ORE Network is run by the Open Rights Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the ORE Network community and driving utility for technologies related to the ORE Token.

The ORE Network Powers Secure Decentralized Identity

Optimized for Simplicity

Unlike other blockchain networks, the ORE Network is not designed to support general-purpose compute or complex smart contracts. Instead, it is purpose-built to create blockchain wallet accounts and enable the declaration of ownership over specific identity artifacts. This approach keeps the network lightweight and easy to use, while still providing robust identity management capabilities.

Privacy-preserving Design

All data on the network is hashed, which means that it cannot be reverse-engineered or used to identify specific individuals. This is crucial for protecting personal privacy in a world where data breaches and identity theft are all too common. Additionally, the network is designed to be opt-in for verified credentials, which means that users can choose to share their identity information only with trusted parties.

Zero-knowledge proofs

Zero-knowledge proofs provide a powerful way to verify identity claims without revealing any personal information. This works by creating opaque assertions in the public domain that are only accessible if you already know the data. For example, if User 1 has asserted that they are over the age of 21, and User 2 agrees with that claim, the ORE Network can verify that the claim is true without revealing any personal information.

Multi-Chain is the Future

The ORE Network provides predictability, scalability, and performance in a simple, cost-effective package.

Simple APIs To Develop on Any Blockchain

The Open Rights Exchange is built to be simple-to-use and compatible with all chains.

A single password — not a key — is provided as the entry to not just the Open Rights Exchange, but to other chains including Ethereum, Algorand and EOS — with even more chains being added every quarter.

Core services are continually being developed to further support more chains and are based on open-source libraries that make it easy to develop plug-ins for new chains.

Applications built on the Open Rights Exchange work across multiple blockchains and are able to easily connect to the off-chain world. Consumers manage all of their assets and rights under one account, instead of having pools of capital siloed on different blockchains and off-chain accounts.

Launched in 2018, near-zero downtime

200,000 +

Accounts Created

445,093 +

Transactions Signed

177,015 +

ORE Tokens Staked

5,000 +

Transactions per second

Use Case: ORE ID, built on the ORE Network

ORE ID, AIKON’s flagship product built on the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) Network lets developers easily and securely onboard new users to blockchain applications with a simple sign on solution and universal wallet in one.


Official Cloud Wallet


Official Cloud Wallet


Verified Solutions Provider

Open Rights Exchange Roadmap

Since 2017, the Open Rights Foundation has been setting milestones to achieve mass blockchain adoption.


  • ORE Protocol


  • ORE ID Launch — Built on ORE Blockchain
  • EOS Support


  • Launch ChainJs
  • First Accounts Created on ORE Blockchain


  • Algorand Integration Launch
  • Trustless Signing Service
  • First Algorand Grant
  • Ethereum Support




  • ORE Vault Launch — Built on ORE Blockchain
  • Second Algorand Grant Recipient
  • Telos Support
  • Wax Support
  • Bitcoin Support
  • Key Backup Support
  • ORE Token Initial DEX Offering


  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Support
  • Polygon Support
  • Avalanche Support
  • Improved developer experience
  • Improved scalability
  • Reached more than 200k users

Seasoned Team of Blockchain Technology Builders

Marc Blinder


Serial Entrepreneur & Former Director at Adobe

Tray Lewin


Co-Founded Several Startups & Previous Exec at Microsoft

Susan Wu

Marketing Strategy

Growth Marketing Expert

Dr. Fen Zhao

Technical Strategy

Venture Investor at Alpha Edison

Our Advisors

SC Moatti

Managing Partner at Mighty Capital

Mas Sakamoto

Advisor, Bay Angels Former VP & GM at NEC

Connie Wong

Creative Advisor, Lead Product Designer at Kraken

Phu Styles

Founder of Women in Blockchain Foundation & Blockchain PR

Backed by Leading Silicon Valley VCs

Projects Building on the ORE Network

We work with multiple layer-1 and layer-2 solutions to enable mass blockchain adoption.

Open Rights, Open Source

Chain JS

A JavaScript helper library that provides a plug-in interface to multiple blockchains.


A helper library providing simple access to the Open Rights Exchange Protocol.

ORE Verifier

An off-chain oracle that verifies transactions for ORE Protocol.

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Important Notice: ORE users will need to bridge tokens to Ethereum over the pNetwork bridge by December 21, 2023