The Open Rights Foundation

The Open Rights Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the ORE Network community, drive utility for related technologies the ORE Token.

The Open Rights Foundation is strongly committed to making the world a better place and is guided by a strong sense of social justice, diversity and inclusion. 

We encourage network participants to use carbon-neutral hosting providers and to set aside funds to cover the carbon impact of the ORE Protocol.

Core Team

Marc Blinder


Tray Lewin


Bill Rusitzky


Susan Wu

Marketing Strategy

Rick Schlesinger

DAO Strategist

Warrick FitzGerald

Engineer Strategist

William Deck

Infrastructure Engineer

James Devlin

Integration Engineer

Başarcan Celebci

Smart Contract Developer

Mariana Sahagún


Abdul Rehman Tayyab


Dhruv Jha


Victor Zavala


Bruno Motta


David Watson

Node Operations

Dr. Fen Zhao

Technical Strategy

Sharon Montenegro


Richard D. Titus

Blockchain Strategy


Resource Model


We also have an amazing group of advisors with expertise in blockchain technology, regulatory compliance, design and IP protection.

SC Moatti

Managing partner at Mighty Capital

Jory Des Jardins

Growth/M&A Advisor & Operator, Co-Founder, BlogHer

Mas Sakamoto

Advisor, Bay Angels Former VP & GM at NEC

Daniel Lin

Product Advisor

Max Robbins

Founder, &

Phu Styles

Founder of Women in Blockchain Foundation and Blockchain PR

Deepak Kanungo

Hedged Capital, Founder and CEO

Connie Wong

Creative Advisor, Lead Product Designer, Kraken

Trang Lê Bozon


Pankaj Shah

Founder, Sparrows

Stan Stalnaker

Chief Strategy Officer, Hub Culture, Ven, Ultra, Zeke

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