ORE Network Wallet

The ORE Network Wallet allows you to easily view and exchange your ORE Tokens to Ethereum. Once your ORE Tokens are transferred to your Ethereum account, you can hold, buy, sell or trade ORE Tokens via Uniswap.  

Step-by-Step Guide

New User
1. Login through either Facebook or Google to create your ORE Network ID
  1. Create an ORE ID password and store this password in a safe place, like a  password manager, to access your tokens in the future
  2. Click Let’s Go
  3. You’ve now successfully created an ORE Network ID, which can be found to the right of your email address
  4. Take a screenshot of your ORE Network ID
2. Activate your account here to provide your ORE Network ID information
  1. Click Activate My Account
  2. Enter your name or email address in the space provided
  3. Copy and paste your ORE Network ID in the space provided
  4. Upload the ORE Network ID screenshot into the space provided (this is for added confirmation)
  5. Click Send
3. That’s it! Now we’ll do our part. Keep an eye out for a confirmation email on December 20 to start managing your assets
Returning User
1. Login through either Facebook or Google via your ORE Network ID
2. Once your Ethereum Account is connected, click ‘Send to Ethereum.’
  1. Fill in the amount of ORE Token to send to your Ethereum account. For ease you can click ‘Max’ and that will send the entire available ORE Token balance to your Ethereum account.
  2. In the drop-down, choose the correct account you wish to send ORE Tokens to.
  3. Review closely and click ‘Transfer.’ Transferred ORE Tokens will show in the ORE Network Wallet, the transfer can take up to 10 minutes.
3. Now you can hold, buy, sell, trade ORE Tokens from your Ethereum account via Uniswap.

ORE ID empowers Telos developers to offer free cloud wallet solutions for their communities! 🎉